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Energy Storage

You have solar, but are you prepared for a power outage?

California depends on the state’s electric grid to provide safe, reliable energy. But the fires and winds leave you exposed to rolling blackouts.

Energy Storage

How safe is your family during a power outage

California had 6,739 fires alone in 2022. The slow fire season caused 365,895 acres to burn.
Fire zone area

Prepare yourself for the fire season

Click the map to enter your address to verify you are in the fire area.
Energy Storage

Who is your utility provider?

Check to see if you have a qualifying medical condition for free batteries. Click on your utility provider to verify.
Why Powr Partners?

Be a light in the darkness

If you are in the orange or red in the fire area map and have a qualifying medical condition you can be the light in the sea of darkness in your neighborhood during power outages.
Why Powr Partners?


Our program is government funded, fully backup and offers you great solutions for battery storage. Utility companies have been mandated to assist those in need.