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Customers engaged in the Medical Baseline program offered by SCE can obtain additional electricity at the lowest baseline rate.


SCE provides customers with the tools necessary to be as prepared as possible for the possibility of power outages brought on by unforeseen weather and other crises. Suppose a patient or someone living in the patient’s household requires the regular use of electrically powered medical equipment or other qualifying medical devices. In that case, they may be eligible for the program, which provides more electricity at the lowest baseline rate to help offset the cost of operating medical equipment. If you or a family member are in this situation, talk to your doctor about if you may qualify.
Patients in this group can register for critical alerts and warnings concerning outages, such as public safety power shutoffs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about SCE and the Medical Baseline Program? We have answers!

What is SCE's Backup Battery Program?

As a result of a recent expansion in the program’s eligibility requirements, thousands of additional SCE customers who are enrolled in the Medical Baseline program and live in high-fire-risk areas may now be eligible for a free, solar-powered backup battery. This is because the company has recently expanded the program’s eligibility requirements.
Consumers of Medical Baseline now have access, as part of the Critical Care Backup Battery Program offered by the utility, to a portable backup battery capable of receiving renewable charging from an accompanying solar panel. This gives them a greater sense of calm. Depending on the amount of the required battery, clients can use portable batteries in their homes in the event of an emergency or take them with them if they need to leave their homes.

What are the benefits of SCE's Medical Baseline Program?

Benefits of SCE’s Medical Baseline Allowance program include:

  • More energy at the lowest baseline rate
  • Many medical devices qualify and can be new or existing
  • A medical professional can approve and sign online applications by e-signature

Does the Medical Baseline apply to both gas and electric services?

Medical Baseline allowance may be used toward the cost of gas or electricity, depending on the power requirements of the gadget and the requirements for independent living.
Customers who are qualified for the Medical Baseline program are entitled to receive an increased monthly allocation of gas and/or electricity. As a result, this helps to ensure that a greater quantity of energy capable of supporting qualifying medical devices is accessible at a reduced cost.

How to apply for rebates?

The rebates for which you might be qualified are managed by your battery installer and the utility company you have service with.

How to maintain a standard power supply?

During a power outage, solar and storage technologies provide reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternatives for generating and distributing electricity. Even while most of the greatest solar batteries cannot yet sustain the electrical needs of a complete home, they may be modified to support essential home appliances if the power grid is interrupted. This technology could potentially disrupt the market for residential energy sources. It can provide individuals in need with the support that could save their lives.

Why is backup power important?

Combining solar power with energy storage has several advantages, one of which is the provision of emergency assistance to those in precarious medical situations. The grid’s resilience is primarily increased by solar energy and battery backup.
Each home that installs solar panels and batteries reduces the strain placed on public infrastructure due to the changing environment. This has the added benefit of allowing homeowners to generate their own backup power supply. This, in turn, reduces the frequency of outages, lowering the high costs involved with maintaining and updating an antiquated infrastructure.

Our services

Medical Baseline Enrollment

We assist you in applying for the Medical Baseline Program if you, or someone in your community, need a life-sustaining medical device due to a disability or health condition.

Battery Program

We can give consumers who utilize electrical medical equipment or assistive technology access to backup batteries for their gadgets. Emergencies, such as power outages, have the potential to disrupt your daily routine and the systems that support you. Planning will make you safer and provide mental ease.

Emergency Resources

If you rely on power to operate life-sustaining medical devices, we may assist you in acquiring the necessary equipment and services.


People whose livelihoods or long-term medical devices are dependent on electricity are the focus of our efforts. Through consultation, we aim to understand you better and your needs better.