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If you’re an SDG&E customer and rely on medical devices critical to your health, we can help you get the proper care at a fraction of the cost.


SDG&E is aware of the difficulties faced by those requiring medical in-home care and developed a way to address them. Suppose you are a residential customer and depend on devices such as an electric wheelchair, a pacemaker, or a sleep apnea machine. In that case, the Medical Baseline Program offers additional energy at the lowest price. This can help you save money and keep you safe.
Find out if you or someone else living in your household is eligible to participate in the Medical Baseline Program offered by SDG&E.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about SDG&E and the Medical Baseline Program? We have answers!

What is SDG&E?

SDG&E is a regulated public utility that serves the energy needs of 3.7 million people in San Diego and Southern Orange counties through its 1.5 million electric meters and 900,000 natural gas meters. Its service area encompasses 4,100 square miles.
When customers sign up with SDG&E, they help minimize the carbon footprint associated with their electrical service and help promote the expansion of local renewable projects. They help strengthen local control over the decisions made regarding electricity procurement.

What is the Medical Baseline Program?

The Medical Baseline Program of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is an assistance program for residential customers with unique energy needs due to qualifying medical conditions. These customers are eligible for the program if they meet certain requirements. The only consideration is the patient’s medical history, and there is no minimum income requirement.

Does SDG&E offer solar incentives?

SDG&E only provides financial solar energy incentives to some of its residential customers. However, low-income households in the service territory of SDG&E may be eligible for one of two rebate programs offered by the California Solar Initiative. These programs are called the Single-Family Affordable Solar Housing (SASH) and Multi-Family Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) programs.

How much is the Medical Baseline allotment?

Depending on the customer’s energy needs, which a medical practitioner verifies during certification, the Medical Baseline Program provides an additional allotment of energy of approximately 500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity and/or 25 therms of gas per month. This additional allotment of energy is part of the Medical Baseline Program.
You must be aware that to accept your application to the Medical Baseline Program, you must keep paying your regular SDG&E account. Your utility services may be disconnected if you fail to make a payment when they are due.

How does Medical Baseline work?

The term “Baseline Allowance” refers to the portion of a customer’s monthly allotment of energy that is charged at the tariff’s cheapest possible rate. This portion is given to every residential customer.

Customers who are qualified for the Medical Baseline program are entitled to receive a monthly increase in their allotment of energy and/or natural gas. This helps ensure that the customer has access to a greater quantity of energy at a cheaper cost to support the operation of medical devices.

Who can qualify ?

To be eligible, a full-time resident of your household must either have a qualifying medical condition or need a qualifying medical device to address continuing medical issues.

Any medical gadget that is utilized to maintain life or that is used for mobility can be considered a qualifying medical device. The following are some instances of medical conditions or equipment that qualify for exemption:

  • Paraplegic, hemiplegic, or quadriplegic condition
  • Multiple sclerosis with special heating and/or cooling needs
  • Scleroderma with special heating needs
  • Life-threatening illness, compromised immune system, or other condition that requires special heating and/or cooling
  • Asthma and/or sleep apnea
  • Motorized wheelchair/scooter
  • IPPB or CPAP machines
  • Respirator (all types)
  • Hemodialysis machine
  • Dialysis machine
  • Iron lungs
  • Nebulizer

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Our services

Medical Baseline Enrollment

We assist you in applying for the Medical Baseline Program if you, or someone in your community, need a life-sustaining medical device due to a disability or health condition.

Battery Program

We can give consumers who utilize electrical medical equipment or assistive technology access to backup batteries for their gadgets.

Emergency Resources

If you rely on power to operate life-sustaining medical devices, we may assist you in acquiring the necessary equipment and services.


People whose livelihoods or long-term medical devices are dependent on electricity are the focus of our efforts. Through consultation, we aim to understand you better and your needs better.